Abram Lara

Super Gamer & Actor, Model

Abram aka “AB” was born and breed in Mathis, TX. Abram began his career as a model and an actor at an early age of 7 and has been making progress ever since. Abram has been able to build his reputation through his hard work and dedication towards his career. He has featured in 1 short movie and also 1 fashion show. Smart, diligent, committed, and very computer savvy there is much to be said about Abram! In addition to this, he has a heart of gold.

When asked to tell a little about himself “AB” stated… “I am a gamer and YouTuber. It is my dream to become the most famous YouTuber and actor ever. My favorite thing to do outside of acting is building statues and creating new worlds in Minecraft!”

Now a few words from his  MOM Lisa…  “AB is a great kid who works hard to become the character he is studying; he is not afraid to go “outside the box” to improve his range and throws himself into a project once given the opportunity to work on it!

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