Amelia Rose

Life of the Party, Actress, Model & Host

Amelia Rose, a confident, energetic, loving, smart and hardworking young lady, no word can really describe her commitment to her career. Amelia Rose has been pushing forward with the strong passion she has in singing, dancing, modeling and acting since the age of 6. Marvie Mosley mother of Amelia has been a strong pillar to her and her success story. Amelia has featured on runways sporting designers such as Isossy Children, starred in films such as Black Girl Magic, Child Support and she has appeared in National Print Ads with TARGET, Sean John Girls and has made an outstanding appearance on Fox’s Harry Conor Show. Not to mention being featured in a National Yankees commercials & hosting multiple events. With her impeccable skills and talents, she has made a noticeable progress in her industry. She continues to work more on perfecting her many crafts in dance with coach Stephanie Salaman at Performers Edge Dance Academy, Vocal lessons with her coach Avionce Hoyles, and also Acting lessons with her coach Candias Henderson at “She Scouts”.  Amelia also has a fascinating characteristic of giving.  She contributes to “Act of Kindness” and “Blankets to the Homeless”.  In short, Amelia effects the world both on and off stage, bringing joy to every runway, set, theater, and the person she meets.

When asked to tell a little about herself Amelia stated… ” My favorite THINGSSSS to do outside of acting is art, dance, sing and play sports, I am a funny caring and loving person! At least that’s what my mom and teachers say! It’s my dream to have my own TV show and become famous so I can help the real homeless people and animals OR own my own Vet clinic one day!”

 Now a few words from her MOM Marvie…  “Ok, here we go….I will go to the moon and back to see her succeed. She makes me a better parent and manager every day! We would not be on this journey if she did not want to work hard and smart to be here. The word “NO” is fuel to us to keep pushing!  Amelia is a role model to so many young ladies just like her and loves to inspire her peers to love themselves. Seeing this as a parent means more than anything! Bookings are just icing on the cake!”

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