Avalyn “Little A”  Jolene

Adventurer, Dancer, Actress & Model

Avalyn, a professional model, and actress born in Los Angeles. Avalyn began her career in 2015 and has made it big in her industry. At ten years old, Avalyn already made a lot of her dreams come true. She was featured in the Youth Fashion Week in March 2015, Los Angeles, CA September 2015, Elle Drane Prod. Runway Show Los Angeles, CA, October 2015, Bella Volto Photography, Las Vegas, NV and HBO Sesame Street. Avalyn has achieved a lot and made the Abby Lee Dance Company team.  In her downtime, she works with She Scouts to perfect her craft in acting! Avalyn is a determined young girl and from the look of her success story, it can be easily deduced that she will never relent. Nothing can stop her! She is honestly full of energy very smart! A real risk taker! Loves adventure and has NO FEAR!

When asked to tell a little about herself, “Little A” statedI love to DANCE and talk to my do cool stuff!  I’m FUN, NICE, CUTE, & FEARLESS! It is my dream to BE A CELEBRITY!!!!!!!”

 Now a few words from her MOM Bethany…“My daughter is fearless! She works very hard to do her best no matter what challenges she might face. She loves to make new friends and go on big adventures. My daughter is honestly one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met!”

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