Caleb Mott

Movie Fanatic, Beat Boxer, Actor

Your decision now will have a major effect in the future. Just as Caleb has done, he is planning for the future. Caleb is just 11 years old but super talented in his area of specification. Caleb from Frisco, TX has been advancing on his future career by setting his foundation right with his outstanding skills. Apart from this, he has achieved remarkable events like the Golf, Building Legos professionally, Computer animations & Beatboxing. As his hobby, Caleb likes to play outside, ride bikes, watch movies and most especially loves to beatbox.

When asked to tell a little about himself Caleb stated… “My favorite thing to do is playing my Xbox and build with my Legos. I’m friendly and nice to everyone. I want to be a basketball player and direct movies, but my mom said that if I play professional basketball I should also be a team owner.”

 Now a few words from MOM Alicia… I would say that Caleb is kind, smart, and forgiving!

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