Dale Cordice

Super Hero, Genius, Actor & Model

When we are talking about young Models and Actors, we definitely would mention Dale. Dale is a talented Actor and Model, he hails from Charlotte, NC. For about 1-year Dale has been transforming the industry with his talent. He has been a Brand Rep for some amazing shops such as Evolving Diva Inc., Dapper Boys of May & most recently Ayanna’s Art Fashion. He has featured in fashion Shows for kids like the Walk Fashion Show, Kids Generation Next and Charlotte Fashion Week.  He was recently named Charlotte Fashion Week’s Best Kid Model 2017.  Dale has pushed his career forward by featuring in several magazines such as IndiKids Magazine, Snap Model Magazine, and Wild Child Magazine.  He was the cover model for Great Kids Magazine.  So far, he has been able to attain a certain position in the Fashion Kids Magazine, he was named as one of the Top 50 Most Beautiful Models in July. Following his career, he was featured on Isossy Children’s Blog for their campaign titled “I Am Possible” and he has also promoted a children’s album titled “Lets Imaging A World of Love”. Whenever he isn’t on the runway or at a photo shoot, he is working diligently with “She Scouts” brushing up his acting talent.  He has filmed 2 short films (Playground Scavengers & Toys) and a tv pilot He was named Best Actor in the short film Playground Scavengers. He loves reading, baseball and also playing on the Wii. He is obsessed with superheroes, with Spider-Man being his favorite.  He is smart, animated, loving and extremely funny.

When asked to tell a little about himself, Dale stated… “I would describe myself as smart, funny, silly and friendly. My favorite things to do outside of acting are modeling and karate. It is my dream to be a Sky Diver”.

Now a few words from his MOM Toquinn…  “Dale has ADHD and may need you to be a little more patient with him. Dale has awesome memorization skills, loves acting and truly wants to do a good job. He’s a definite joy to all who come across him.”

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