Daniel Cunningham

Future Congressman, Actor & Model

Daniel Cunningham is a visionary who was born and bred in Brooklyn, NY. Daniel a young visioned who is determined to make it all out of his career. Let’s just say he is addicted to success. With his years of experience, he has appeared in a music video for the artist Zack Centrella, A Condemned Man (Short Film), written and Directed by Brittany Franklin, Mistakes (web series) as Shawn Jr. written and Directed by Nicolette Ellis.  Daniel recent works include a VO for the YMCA, the role of Jermaine (Voice) in the Radio Soap Opera Sugar written and Directed by Shareese Robinson.  Daniel has achieved so much in the industry, as he also landed a principal role in Gabourey Sidibe’s Director’s Debut, Tale of Four. He is a part of a Shakespeare Ensemble performing various characters and stage venues. What else could be said about a successful young actor who has done several off-Broadway Productions as a supporting actor, who has appeared in several short films as principal which are presently in circulation at film festivals? Daniel has really worked hard up to this stage in his career and pushing harder ahead. He has modeling and runway experience as well and has done several exciting projects as well as commercials. He began his acting career at the age of 9. Daniel also enjoys competitive swimming and swims on an NYC swim team. He also plays the piano and loves video games.

When asked to tell a little about himself Daniel stated…“I Like competitive swimming, video games, and dancing. I’m friendly, attractive and analytical! It is my dream to make meaningful projects. To be on the big screen and then direct my own films. Also, most important I also want to become a judge or congressman so that I can help to change laws in our country”. 

Now a few words from his MOM Vera … Daniel is a special person. He was born to do great things in life. He is on a journey and we thank you all for coming along with us.” 

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