Destiny Toliver

Conversation Starter & Finisher, Actress & Dancer

It’s so hard to find a decision maker and a committed kid most especially at their early stage. It is common between kids to think of millions of different professions they wanted to be when they grew up, but Destiny Toliver is an exceptional decision maker and a committed kid. Destiny made her own personal decision to concentrate on her future career which is to become an actress. Fortunately, she has been receiving great support from her wonderful parents and she has been shooting forward towards her career. Destiny has an impeccable character which has been in her since she the age of eight months, oh yeah very early. She is ever ready to display her talent to anyone that would watch her and love her for who she is. Her ability to cry on cue, her impeccable comedic timing has allotted this talented young lady numerous acting opportunities which gives her the opportunity to take landing roles on SAG projects! Of recent, she landed a role on Netflix Original Series “Dear White People”. Today, Destiny is currently perfecting her craft with She Scouts to share her gift with the world. She continues to be a shining example to all young actors that it’s never too early to have a focus!

When asked to tell a little about herself Destiny stated…”I like to get ice cream from ice cream truck, sell lemonade, dancing, and gymnastics.  It is my dream to make people laugh. I am confident in school, really brave when I hurt myself. I like dancing, acting, and gymnastics”.

Now a few words from MOM Pamela… “Destiny is bright, funny, outgoing and caring. She can put a smile on anyone’s face. She will try anything this kid is fearless.”  



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