Emma Faith

Extravagant, Extraordinary Gymnist, Actress & Singer

Emma, who describes herself as “EXTRAVAGANT EXTRAORDINARY EMMA” loves to act!  Since the 1st grade, her dream has been to star in Marvel movies!  She is a competitive gymnast and she practices her moves in the gym as well as at home while she pretends to be in a movie. She takes her piano and voice lessons very seriously & loves to watch Broadway movies like Les Miserables and Mama Mia! Emma has been featured in Toys R Us print ads, done voice-overs for Sprouts, been featured in BET’s Pantene commercials and more! With all of this being said, welcome to Emma’s Journey!

When asked to tell a little about herself Emma stated in her own words“I am very competitive, and I just love gymnastics and for gymnastics for state, I won first place for balance beam and 2nd place all around.  I am very compassionate about acting because one day I saw a girl like me on television and I realized that there wasn’t more girls like me on Disney and I wanted to act and because I was told brown girls are not beautiful.  I love to play the piano and sing.  I love to be comical like watching Miranda Sing and playing pranks on my dad and sometimes on my moody sister.  I like playing board games with my family and one of my favorite is Google Eyes.”

Now a few words from her MOM Judith…  “My child amazes me every day! She is great at time management! Directors tell her she is calm, takes directions very well, and easy to work with. I’ve seen how she’s dealt with the positives of the industry thus far, but it’s her strength and grace through the negative experiences that keep our family standing behind her! She wants to be in Marvel movies, Broadway, and inspire young girls like her to embrace their unique beauty, so I will continue to do everything I can to support her!”


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