Farrah Faucette

Musically App lover, always dancing, Actress & Model

Farrah Faucette, aka  “happy feet”  because she is always dancing is & is a joy to be around states “I chose this” when asked why she wanted to act!  At a very young age, Farrah was told by her peers that her complexion was not a great thing. Farrah decided at that point to prove to herself that they were wrong! Farrah began pursuing her dreams at the tender age of 7. Since then, she has been featured in Short films, commercials and walked in some amazing fashion shows! Her dream is to one day make it to “The Big Screen” work & with Gap kids!  She works very hard on her acting skills every day because she believes it’s the only way to get closer to her dream! Welcome to the world of Farrah Faucette!

When asked to tell a little about herself Farrah stated… “I am such a fun person Who loves to dance, act, and model. My favorite actress is Skai Jackson she really motivates me. She came from NY and is very successful and I feel like I can and want to do the same. I’m always dancing on musically because I feel like I can be myself at all times doing what I love and that’s performing. I get good feedback and that lets me know I can achieve more.”

 Now a few words from her MOM Latoya…  “I see so much potential in Farrah, I know she will do well in life because she handles her self with so much respect. I watch Farrah in all that she does and I see she’s very passionate and dedicated about what she wants! If I can have 1 wish in life, I would wish that she would become very successful in this business. Farrah works so hard towards her dreams, she’s made her dream my dream for her. ”

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