Grace Elasser

Creative, Model & Actress

Grace is an energetic young lady who comes from Coto De Caza CA, who has been able to achieve and leave a great legacy for the high school volleyball team. As young as Grace is, she is educationally sound, hardworking, sportive, dedicated and a very committed to any activities she hops on. Grace is soft-spoken but very bright on camera! Loves to practice new characters! And her dream is to become a model/actress. Grace has finally learned how to love her quirky self!

When asked to tell a little about herself stated… I like to listen to music that makes me happy and I always carry a pair of headphones with me. Also, I love old clothes and style and love finding stuff in thrift shops! I like to draw and I write quotes in calligraphy. I know how to sew and love making clothes. I have a slight obsession with sloths as well! 🙂

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