Karri Mack

Dream catcher, Actress, Model & Host

Karri is strong-willed and passionate about acting and constantly hopes and dreams of working on a regular TV show and another film someday. She also dreams of becoming a competitive gymnast! Karri is always ready for everything life throws at her! She has a very positive attitude toward all hurdles that come her way. Having worked with the cast of BESSIE, a biographical film starring Queen Latifah, the casting directors have highly praised little Karri’s work. The Queen herself appreciated her skills.  Her versatility has helped her a lot, as she is able to take on one scene in contrasting styles. With that being said, watch out world Karri is here!

When asked to tell a little about herself Karri stated“ I love to watch t.v. and pay close attention to the interactions of the actors.” “ I also love acting, science, and doing experiments”. “I’ve been taking gymnastics for a few years and I’m always trying new flips and tricks.” “I want to be an actress and a pediatrician” “I love to travel and I really want to add more stamps to my passport” ”Oh…and I love giving hugs and I really love to prank my older sister”.

 Now a few words from her MOM Rachelle…“Karri is a very loving little girl”.” She loves acting”.” She is always “on” and ready to entertain with a story or joke”. “Karri amazes me with her confidence, abilities, and professionalism when on set or doing a photo shoot.” “She loves to travel and always asks where a project is shooting when she auditions or self-tapes for a project, then researches that city and state.”I can’t wait to see what’s next with our little star.”



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