Moses Tanossian

Comedian, Designer & Actor

Moses is a student of life, with a great passion for dancing and acting. Moses is a smart kid, behaves like an adult. He has recently achieved something remarkable by getting an “A” on his test lol, he came out as the second during a dance competition and also getting his own personally created a solo. Moses, as said earlier, he is very passionate about acting and dancing and also very passionate about his education because it is very important to him. He is aspiring to become an actor and at the same time a dancer.  He has such a great collection of desires, he loves to tour around the world, he loves social media, his love for animals and nature is outstanding. Moses love friends who nurture the same ambition has his, which gives him a better environment to grow. Finally, he his such an amazing designer!

When asked to tell a little about himself Moses stated…” I like to dance, designing clothes, and draw clothes! I love my mom and I’m so thankful for her! I would describe myself as funny, adventures, caring, helpful. It’s my dream to become an actor because it’s the best thing that has ever happen to me when I started classes that are just wonderful, and I know if I continue to work smart I can make it happen.”

 Now a few words from MOM Angela … “Moses is a good kid, responsible passionate punctual carrying person. He wants to make sure everyone is happy around him! Good boy overall!”

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