Owen Rivera-Babbey

True Rock Star, Musician, Actor, Model

 When asked to tell a little about himself Owen statedI am a musician at heart. Songwriting, Vocals, Drums, guitar, percussion using my music to express myself and make sense of the world around me is the core of who I am. I’m happy to use my love of acting to bring my music to life visually. It’s my dream to use my passion for music, acting and the arts to bring a positive change to this world through my message of peace, love, and unity. I would say I’m bleeding with passion, hard working to my core, Soldier of Peace, overflowing with love, caretaker of the world, entrusted to do what’s right, lifter of spirits, champion vs hate, embrace of optimism, destroyer of negativity, traveler of the road less traveled…Always looking for my next journey…

Now a few words from his Parents Jo & Shanyssa…  “As his parents…Owen is truly an old soul. He never ceases to amaze us with what is really important…not bookings or material accomplishments but rather with the genuine love and passion he has for making a positive change in this world with his talents…He feels a responsibility to make a difference in this world for all the right reasons and we are blessed to be able to support him along his journey.”


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