Zaria Kelley

Miss Congeniality, Actress & Model

You work extremely hard when you have a targeted goal.  Zaria is an actress who is greatly committed to her career. She is wonderful, fun-loving, diligent and hardworking. She had the opportunity to feature on her first on-screen appearance when she was cast as Naomi in the web series film about human trafficking entitled Magnolia Avenue. She has been making noticeable progress has she also got featured as a fresh face in the Big City Kids Magazine issue in August and September. Even though it hasn’t been easy for her, but she believes in her dream and has been exploring more options which will drive her towards an exceptional success. After series of on-screen appearance, she has been cast in different Netflix and short film series and she always works with her coach, Ms. Candias of She Scouts LLC, to ensure her craft is heading towards perfection. Apart from her acting skills, she has had the opportunity to model and be part of the AfroArt session which takes place around the world with the great couple duo photographers “CreativeSoul” definitely she had a wonderful experience! She never stopped believing in herself. Currently, she is working on a play Ruby Bridges and has been rehearsing day and night. The Story of Ruby Bridges as I was cast for the lead role of Younger Ruby Bridges. Stay tuned for more to come!

 When asked to tell a little about herself, Zaria stated… “I like to watch TV, do my baby dolls hair, play with my aunt and mom. I love to help my mom cook and entertain my family by dressing up and putting on a modeling/talent show! Oh…and I also love watching MC2 and doing science experiments! I describe myself as Sassy, funny, cute, adorable, fun and smart! It is my dream to Act, Model, play Sports and to become a Scientist!

Now a few words from her MOM Sade…   She is a fun, sassy child, but she takes and follows directions well. She can be on set asking a lot of questions and talking to everyone to become more knowledgeable of her surroundings. She loves to get to know others! If she is nervous she will let you know, but she will still get the work done.”

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